[Annex cotoca] Making ridges for the first time (Part 1) 2022/3/9

Dad, He is trying to do
natural farming.

Finally, we have reached
the point of making ridges …!

[Annex cotoca]

We left the shop that the couple founded with
all their thoughts and stayed
in the Republic of Malta in 2021.

We sweat as a couple who had no income
for 8 months in a foreign land.

Furthermore, the next year
will be a year of laying down,
studying, and preparing.

Moreover, it is said that the old folk house
will be renovated from the beginning
and some place will be opened.

What are they thinking with
their 7-year-old daughter …!?

All right?
Kaida family, are you sure! ??

I will write such everyday.


Fight! Kaida family

Rebooting in Nobeoka City,
Miyazaki Prefecture,
aiming to acquire and convey “zest for life”

2022/6/10 open schedule

*We are looking for people
who will cooperate in the renovation.

Small accommodation

Experience for children.

Study abroad for parents and children.

Study abroad in Covid-19.

Japanese old life experience.

Experience living in the countryside of Japan. 

Agriculture.  Natural cultivation.  organic.