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Our schedule is so many.


We cannot do anything
by only ourselves.

We are looking for someone
to create a community with us! !!

Like the main store in Senju, Adachi-ku,
Tokyo The annex is loose,
not a solid one.

Smile What the Kaida family wants to do now,
what they want to share with someone
We will do what we want to do.

It has been several months since
I moved to Miyazaki prefecture
at the end of January 2022.
Feeling various things,
worrying various things.
I thought a lot, but the conclusion.

“For work (≠ income) I don’t have to. ”
Rather, considering the money,
I can’t do what I like.
by Mom, Tomoco Kaida

* The same thing is said in
March 2020 …

What you do on
the dad side
and the mom side
is different.

Father’s schedule ①

No fertilizer (= no fertilizer).
Natural farming that does not
use machines as much as possible

Father’s schedule ②

Japanese old style experience
nature experience such as
Kamado and wood-burning bath

Mother’s plan ①

Event holding
(For children)
(To moms)
*Above all, towards myself *

Tokyo and Miyazaki
Tokyo and the world (← goal)
Miyazaki and the world (← goal)

 Father & Mother’s Schedule ①

Acquisition and
transmission of the power to live

Father & Mother’s Schedule ②

Mobile sales
garden Marche


How to get involved with children
Then, meet
Montessori Education & Coaching.

Children’s food and health
Now, learn in real life
how to eat natural foods
and not rely on medicines.

Living, society and
environment surrounding children

Know that there are
causes and effects,
and everything is connected.

We are planning to open a store to
give back this experience to
“children themselves”
and adults involved in children.

However, both couples have no experience
in management and eating and drinking.

Various studies and open preparations
while raising children.


With the connection,
power and support of many people

April 2018 Renovated home.
Established a cafe for children (+ parents).

In April 2021, the store will be
handed over to reliable people.

Our family of three lives in
the Republic of Malta
in the Mediterranean.

Returned to Japan
in December 2021.

In January 2022,
we moved to Nobeoka City,
Miyazaki Prefecture!

The behavior of the Kaida family,
which seems to be dizzying
and inconsistent. lol

Only one thing
Results of practice

It is sincere to my child.
Be honest with ourselves.

Seeking a better day.
Experience it with our own body.
Show it to our child.


Our experience is
Every one has a reason.

It always makes sense for
the circulating society and the earth.

Believing that, we keep moving.


[Main store]
Kodate Share House cotoca
2-18 Senju, Adachi-ku,Tokyo

Annex cotoca
1108, Kitauramachi, Nobeoka City,
Miyazaki Prefecture


2015年2月 改田家結成
2018年4月 自宅を改装しこどもたちのお店「こそだて喫茶cotoca」を開業
2021年4月 創ったお店を手離しヨーロッパのマルタ共和国に移住 (言語の獲得)
2022年1月 宮崎県延岡市で「ないもの暮らし」開始 (生きる力の獲得)


それだけをしている、おかあ・改田 友子です。